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No. of Research Scholars Completed Ph.D under my Guidance          : 4 Nos.

No. of Research Scholars Doing Ph.D under my Guidance                  : 7 Nos.

COMPLETED Ph.D under My Guidance

S.No Name of the Candidate FT/PT Topic of Research Completed On
1 Mr.G.Vishnuvarthanan Part TimeRegistered on Jan 2011 Tumor Detection And Tissue Segmentation In Magnetic Resonance Brain Images Using Fuzzy And Optimization Techniques August, 2015
2. Mr.T.Arunprasath Part TimeRegistered on June 2011 Multi Modal PET Image Reconstruction Using Soft Computing Techniques August, 2015
3. Mrs.Suma Christal Part TimeRegistered on June 2010 A Secure Hybrid Group Based Key Management Schemes for Improving the Energy Efficiency of Wireless Sensor Networks July, 2016
4. Mr.B.Perumal Part TimeRegistered on June 2011 A Hybrid Approach for Efficient Compression of Multimodal Medical Images September, 2016

Research Scholars Pursuing Ph.D under my Guidance

Name of the CandidateFT/PTTopic of ResearchDate of RegistrationProgress Details

S.No Name of the Candidate FT/PT Topic of Research Year of Registeration Status
1 Mr.Murugaval pandiyan Part Time Semantic Interoperability June 2011 Planning for Synopsis in June, 2016
2 Mr.V.Selvam Full Time Brain Computer Interface June 2011 Paper Communicated
3 Mr.M.Thilagaraj Part Time EEE Signal Interpretation June 2014 Paper Communicated
4 Mr.Pothirasan Full Time Internet of Things June 2015 Course Work
5 Mr.Munneswaran Full Time Image processing June 2015 Paper Communicated
6 Mrs.Anitha Vishnuvarthan Full Time Image Processing Jan 2016 Course Work
7  Vacant Full Time
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